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NIC and DOE Host First National Workgroup on Sustainability in Corrections

The National Institute of Corrections (NIC) and the US Department of Energy (DOE) hosted the first national workgroup on sustainability in corrections in Aurora, Colorado. April 24-28 and GreenPrisons was there. The meeting was facilitated by Stacy Fitzsimmons of SNF writing Solutions. With Stacy's guidance the group developed the first comprehensive look at sustainability in corrections and drafted a list of specific outcomes the group would like to see accomplished in the coming months ahead.......

Article By: TommyNorris

Marion County (KY) Saves All Kinds of Resources..Including People

Typically when we talk about saving resources here at GreenPrisons we are talking about energy or water or managing waste more effectively. But Jailer Barry Brady of the Marion County Detention Center has proven it can be about people too. Typically when we talk about saving resources here at Brady was the first jailer to be awarded an NIC technical assistance grant to assess his facility in an effort to put together a sustainability plan to help him prioritize infrastructure improvements.......

Article By: TommyNorris

ACA Promises to Offer Plenty for Those Interested in Sustainability

From its iconic Green Aisle to more than seven workshops on sustainable topics this summer's 147th Annual Congress of Corrections promises to offer something for anyone interested in the topic. Be sure and include a cruise down the Green Aisle during this summer's conference. With eighteen companies whose focus is on all things sustainable......

Article By: TommyNorris

Santa Rita Jail Increases Energy Efficiency

Santa Rita Jail in Alameda, California reinforces the benefits of sustainable solutions with continuing efforts to back their reputation as a safe, secure, and innovative facility. The 4,000 bed facility has been noted as having the largest rooftop solar systems in the countrystate........

Article By: JameePeyton

Washington State DOC Expanding Sustainability Efforts

The Washington State DOC and Sustainability in Prisons Project jump started programs on sustainability in 2003 at Cedar Creek Corrections Center. The project was so successful in so many aspects that expansion began to occur and projects were implemented in multiple prisons around the state........

Article By: JameePeyton

Rosser Promotes Sustainability with Planning Examples

Detailed accounts of sustainable measures being implemented in institutions across several state agencies.......

Article By: JameePeyton


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Join GreenPrisons in Celebrating Corrections Earth Day 2017

April 22nd marks the annual celebration of Earth Day in the US. Since 1970 citizens all over the US have used this day in early Spring to recognize the importance to current and future generations to be aware of the impact human beings have had on the planet...

TommyNorris | 4.17.2017


A corrections legend shares his experience

In this issue: News | Happenings | Pro Tips Hot off the Press A corrections legend shares his experience. There aren't many in the corrections industry Hot off the Press...

TommyNorris | 10.12.2015








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