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Talk of green prisons, energy efficient jails, and eco-friendly correctional standards continue as natural resources are depleted and incarceration rates increase. Discussion related to the need, value, and what is working for correctional institutions can be found in, "Prisons Going Green" by Michael Pittaro, and is further stimulated by NIC's "Green Corrections Challenge." As the correctional industry pathway becomes more focused on green initiatives, wants to open the communication between practitioners. .....

Article By: JameePeyton

ACA's Winter Conference Marks a Milestone for Sustainability

GreenPrisons Founder and CEO joined ACA President Mary Livers in cutting the cake to celebrate the establishment of ACA's Clean and Green Committee as a permanent, standing committee with a new name. The Committee will now be known as the Sustainability-Oriented and Environmentally Responsible Practices Committee. This action by ACA's membership marks a giant step forward for sustainability and for the Association. The celebration occurred during the Sustainability's regular meeting and in addition to President Livers participation ACA's Executive Director Jim Gondles also commented on the important role the Committee has played in the Association with the creation of the Green Aisle and .....

Article By: TommyNorris

GreenPrisons Says Thank You To Supporters of ACA Committee Celebration

As evidenced by articles elsewhere on this website the ACA committee that focuses on sustainability in corrections and that was the catalyst for the creation of GreenPrisons, Inc. achieved a milestone this year. As noted elsewhere, the Clean and Green Committee became the Sustainability-Oriented and Environmentally Responsible Practices Committee as a result of the recent ACA elections....

Article By: TommyNorris

GreenPrisons Gears Up for ACA

The Winter Conference for ACA is just around the corner and hopefully you will be joining GreenPrisons in San Antonio. Once again GreenPrisons will be at the head of the Green Aisle in booth 611. We encourage you to visit with 20 of the most knowledgeable companies serving corrections' sustainable needs. This year you have an extra incentive exclusively for those of you that regularly check the GreenPrisons website. The first person that visits the CorrectPac, Easywater, and KBI booths and asks for their gift card will receive a Visa gift card. There is only one per booth so if you are reading this and plan on being in San Antonio be sure to be the first person to come by and check with these great sponsors of GreenPrisons....

Article By: TommyNorris

Integrated Veteran's Services Joins GreenPrisons as a New Sponsor

Integrated Veteran's Services (IVS) joins GreenPrisons as a promoter of sustainable technology in corrections. IVS brings new technology to an old (and expensive) challenge in corrections; the cost effective elimination of food from the solid waste chain. The storage, compacting and hauling of food waste on a daily basis from institutions serving three meals a day to thousands of inmates daily can result in literally tons of food waste a day and thousands of dollars in monthly fees to haul it away.....

Article By: TommyNorris



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New Look for ACA!

In this issue: Happenings | News | Pro Tips New Look for ACA! Check out our new booth! CorrectPac was proud to exhibit in the Green Aisle at ACA i In this issue: Happenings | News | Pro Tips New Look for ACA! Hazard free, pictogram...

The Connection | 12.02.2016


A corrections legend shares his experience

In this issue: News | Happenings | Pro Tips Hot off the Press A corrections legend shares his experience. There aren't many in the corrections industry Hot off the Press...

TommyNorris | 10.12.2015


The Connection - Step Three: Time to be a Leader in This Amazing Year of Progress

If you are having trouble viewing this newsletter,click here. The Connection Marvin's View January 29, 2015 Step Three: Time to be a Leader in This Amazing Year of Progress...

The Connection | 07.02.2015








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