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A corrections legend shares his experience

In this issue: News | Happenings | Pro Tips Hot off the Press A corrections legend shares his experience. There aren't many in the corrections indu

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Hot off the Press


Click here to learn more about John Rees' book My Life, a unique perspective on the history of American Corrections as seen through the experiences of his career.

A corrections legend shares his experience.

There aren't many in the corrections industry who don't know the name John Rees. Mr. Rees has spent over 40 years working in and managing every aspect of corrections operations, management, accreditation, inmate welfare and public safety.

He recently sat down with Joel Bouchard of to talk about his life and how the corrections industry has evolved since he began his work in the 1960's.

A fascinating reflection on where the industry has been, and where it's going, Mr. Rees' candor is timely and relevant reading for all corrections professionals.

Read the interview in full by clicking here.


Happening now at PortionPac®

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Click the image above to visit our new virtual digs!

PortionPac® has launched a new website!

To better serve our customers, PortionPac® recently rolled out a completely redesigned website. Offering a modern look, feel and improved functionality, our new website is the perfect resource companion to support our award-winning service.

Make the website your first stop for important compliance information like Safety Data Sheets (SDS). Click here to learn more and find SDS for each product!

Have more questions?

Our new contact page makes it easy to get answers! Simply submit a question and we will get back to you quickly with a solution.


Tips from the Pros

20150917 PortionPac-2487-FULL

CorrectPac® Laundry Detergent now Green Seal™ Certified!

We are pleased to announce that the CorrectPac® Laundry Detergent (CP940HE) has achieved Green Seal™ certification!

Going further than any other independent reviewer in the industry, Green Seal™ demands a scientific evaluation of a product's performance to ensure it works as well or better than national market-leading conventional products in it's class.

By proudly displaying the Green Seal™ certification mark, you can be certain CorrectPac® Laundry Detergent is proven effective, protects human and environmental health, conserves natural resources, and reduces waste. CorrectPac® Laundry Detergent also contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC), and has no hazards as defined by the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, 29 CFR 1910.1200.

CorrectPac® Laundry Detergent joins the growing PortionPac® family of products already certified by Green Seal™. All certified products are listed here, on the Green Seal™ website.

Certified Color large

Click the image above to learn more about Green Seal™!

More about Green Seal™

Green Seal™ recognition is the gold standard for independent, third-party product certifications. The organization's comprehensive approach involves evaluating every step of a product’s creation from manufacture to disposal. Criteria include product formulation, performance, packaging, training, and labeling. To learn more about Green Seal™, please read these FAQs.

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