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An Award for Us, But Infotrac Means a Lot More for Your Organization


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December 10, 2014

An Award for Us

But Infotrac Means a Lot More for Your Organization

One of PortionPac's first goals 50 years ago was to improve the health and safety of Janitors and other cleaning personnel. Back then many formulations were hazardous and serious injuries were routine. So, we focused on safer formulations in portion control packaging that allowed for easier control and safer use. At the time, this was a big change from Janitors mixing harsh formulations from 5 and 55 gallon drums in what was called the "Glug Glug" method. Too often, that led to misuse of products with resulting health problems.

Throughout the years we would receive occasional calls about accidents and that is why we were so happy when Anthony Kob Sr. started INFOTRAC, a unique service providing 24 hour professional first aid information to anyone in need. We are proud to have worked with them since 1992 and to offer our customers access to their expertise.


We were very proud to have received INFOTRAC's Hazardous Material Safety Award at the International Sanitary Supply Convention last month for companies that display exceptional care and responsibility toward hazardous material safety. Caryn Stets, PortionPac's Marketing Director, accepted this recognition from Randy Lee, Director of Global Marketing


Mr. Lee said, "INFOTRAC considers PortionPac to be a first-class operation with a caring consideration for all individuals that utilize their products on a daily basis. We are so very happy to call them our client."

Health and safety drives the development of PortionPac's program and our partnership with INFOTRAC is an extension of that philosophy. If you have had a situation that required you to call us or Infotrac, you know how professional they are and that we personally follow up on each incident. Our response protocol is focused on what happened, what can be done to make sure that an accident or misuse does not happen again and what follow-up education we can provide. Our relationship with our customer begins with the delivery of our product, it does not end there. Our focus is the health and safety of all Janitorial and cleaning personnel and the people in the institution, plant, store, school or kitchen facility.

Those of you who have used PortionPac for decades know how few accidents you have had and how we work together to eliminate them. Some of our largest customers cite employee safety and the elimination of accidents as the most important benefit they have received from our program.

Our thanks to INFOTRAC for their recognition, but more importantly, for their service to your department and our industry.

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