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Hello, and welcome to  The website was created in August of 2011, shortly after the first meeting of the American Correctional Association’s (ACA) “Clean and Green” (now Sustainability) committee.  It became clear after that first committee meeting those correctional practitioners needed a resource to share their ideas and experience about sustainability and for Companies to learn about corrections’ needs and to share the news about the unique qualities their products could bring to the correctional marketplace.  That need still remains.

Our ability to remain current depended in large part on our ability to visit with practitioners in the field, see their innovations and learn their needs.  With the advent of COVID in the winter and spring of 2020 all travel, including conference participation, came to a stop.  That remains true today.  At this point we have no idea when or if we will ever be able to resume the vigorous travel schedule necessary to resume our former model of service.

With that in mind we encourage practitioners and companies to still use the site as a way to stay in touch and learn new approaches to their respective businesses.  To that end you are encouraged to submit to any articles, papers, questions, or pictures about your sustainable operation or project and we will archive it on this site to be available to the entire corrections community.  We will attempt to update the site regularly and encourage you to check back frequently.


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Sustainable News
On January 15 GreenPrisons along with the Memphis City Jail hosted the first regional Sustainability Forum. This unique event drew correctional practitioners from around the region as well as participants from other agencies of local and state government to hear from a variety of companies with a history of working with correctional agencies.
01.31.2014 · From TommyNorris
As GreenPrisons begins its eleventh year we are challenged by the restrictions COVID has brought to our operation not unlike those that every correctional agency has experienced. The disruption this disease has brought to every correctional facility across the country is unprecedented. This disruption has impacted sustainable operations as well. With most if not all correctional facilities operating on some kind of locked down status...
09.05.2020 · From TommyNorris
The Administrative United States Penitentiary Thomson (AUSP Thomson) is making plans toward implementing an energy and water conservation project that will save them upwards of $33 million with the assistance of an energy savings performance contract.
07.27.2017 · From JameePeyton

April 22nd marks the annual celebration of Earth Day in the US.  Since 1970 citizens all over the US have used this day in early Spring to recognize the importance to current and future generations to be aware of the impact human beings have had on the pla
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