ACAACA has agreed to designate a "Green Aisle" with 12 dedicated booths to sustainable products, technologies and services at the upcoming ACA Congress in Salt Lake City.  This is a huge concession for them and something they have not done before so I'm hoping we can fill the booths.  This will be a great opportunity for participants who are focused on green products and services to find them in one spot and not overlook anyone.  It will also be a great opportunity, particularly for new vendors, to get the maximum exposure in the large hall.


As the diagram below indicates the booths are in a pretty good spot, particularly since many of the other up front booths were presold in January to their regular vendors. As the diagram indicates, the area is in the center of the hall and the cluster they have given us incorporates eight corner booths which are a premium because the exhibit is exposed to two different aisles.  These corner booths can be expected to go most quickly.  Based on my experience at these shows this area should see significant traffic. Booths will fill from front of the aisle (Booths 830-831) to the end of the aisle on a first come first serve basis based on booth size request.


Cost for these booths will remain at $2,000 for an inline booth and $2400 for a corner booth for for-profit businesses and half that for non-profits.  Keep in mind this does not include carpet ($202), 6ft draped table ($153), Chair ($82) or electricity.

If you are a first time or long time absent exhibitor, ACA has expressed some willingness to work with you on pricing but this is a one-time only option and will not be repeated in subsequent years.  Any of those requests must be submitted directly to Caitlin Mann who can be reached at 703-224-0011 or email

Hurry, these designated booths will not last long.  Take advantage of this unique opportunity and maximize your time in Salt Lake City.  While you’re there be sure to come by the GreenPrisons booth and say hello.


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ACA Congress 2014 Booth Map

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