ACAThis year’s ACA Conference offers another strong selection of workshops that focus on sustainability.  From the US Army’s efforts to introduce a beekeeping education program at Joint Base Lewis-McChord to a critical examination of what works in sustainability projects and what doesn’t, this year’s Congress promises to be informative and challenging.

The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections (ODRC) will discuss their recent case study how ODRC examined their facility needs going forward looking at the advantages and disadvantages o f construction vs. renovation.

Public-Private collaboration is the name of the game for some systems as they look for new opportunities to meet their infrastructure needs and develop programs for offenders.  Superintendent Lori Harshbarger of Indiana’s will lead the discussion of her institution’s collaboration with both corporate and non-profit entities to bring new options and opportunities to the Logansport Juvenile Facility.

Leadership remains an important component in any sustainability effort. Moderator Doug Dretke of Sam Houston State University will lead an all star panel in discussing the role leaders play at every stage of the process from the agency headquarters through the institution to the offender’s return to the street.

One of the country’s most successful collaborations between academia and corrections can be found in the Sustainable Prison Project (SPP) and the Washington Department of Corrections.  Speakers Steve Sinclair of the Washington DOC and Kelli Bush of the SPP will discuss development of the SPP Network and the opportunities they see in sharing resources, protocols and best practices with correctional institutions and allied organizations.

Be sure to check the program to find specific times and locations for each workshop.  You can also look for the new icon ACA will be using to indicate which workshops will have a sustainability focus.  An outgrowth of ACA’s Sustainability Committee icon was created by the marketing staff at PortionPac Chemicals as a service to the committee

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