DEEP GREEN Sustainable Waste SolutionsDEEP GREEN Waste and Recycling specializes in the energy efficient processing of waste management and recycling with a more cost effective and less time consuming approach for clients.  They offer green services nationwide which are customized to meet every client’s specialized needs, and regulated by their green team of professionals made available for contact 24 hours a day.  DEEP GREEN provides multiple services and equipment in the management and regulation of waste, compacting services, the hauling of waste at reduced cost, reduction of waste through recycling, and more, to a variety of companies and government agencies.  These services include large scale commercial properties and institutions as well as smaller local companies.  Check out GreenPrison’s latest sponsor by clicking DEEP GREEN or contact Sonny Rule at or call him at 770-685-9372.

DEEP GREEN accomplishes the complex task of waste management by providing direct supervision and onsite management of the waste removal process based on client needs and applicable regulations and statutes. DEEP GREEN uses its own proprietary technology to remotely monitor waste containers to eliminate overcharges due to unnecessary pick-ups and related fees.

 DEEP GREEN’s unique approach to the waste management process provides the client with a dedicated point of contact to ensure the highest, most economical performance by waste haulers.

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