DEEP GREEN Sustainable Waste SolutionsThe energy surrounding the green aisle at the ACA Convention in New Orleans was exciting and showed promise for correctional institutions seeking sustainable practice solutions. At least 13 vendors featuring sustainable products and technology exhibited on the green aisle, and several new exhibitors plan to join us at the Congress of Correction in Boston.

CorrectPacSome of the vendors exhibiting at ACA included Green Prisons newest sponsor DEEP GREEN waste management services, Big Hanna in-vessel composting, Solar America Solutions, Easy Water, and Portion Pac. In addition other vendors included green exhibitors featuring services such as propane fueling, porous paving, energy efficient technological systems, and more.

Solar America SolutionsFor more information on our vendors, click their icons on the GreenPrisons home page orclick on the appropriate picture embeded in this article.




Leah and Jenny at Big HannaThe committed efforts of green exhibitors to join the Green Aisle, coupled with the immense enthusiasm shown by correctional practitioners in pursuing more sustainable products is testimony to the growth of sustainability in correctional practice. The Green Aisle continues to grow as evidenced by the new exhibitors this winter.

Easy Water


Contact Tommy Norris, CEO of GreenPrisons to learn how your company can be represented on the Green Aisle at the Summer Congress of Correction.




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This year’s ACA Conference offers another strong selection of workshops that focus on sustainability. From the US Army’s efforts to introduce a beekeeping education program at Joint Base Lewis-McChord to a critical examination of what works in sustainability projects and what doesn’t, this year’s Congress promises to be informative and challenging.
2 days ago · From TommyNorris
GreenPrisons Founder and CEO joined ACA President Mary Livers in cutting the cake to celebrate the establishment of ACA’s Clean and Green Committee as a permanent, standing committee with a new name. The Committee will now be known as the Sustainability-Oriented and Environmentally Responsible Practices Committee.
02.09.2017 · From TommyNorris
As evidenced by articles elsewhere on this website the ACA committee that focuses on sustainability in corrections and that was the catalyst for the creation of GreenPrisons, Inc. achieved a milestone this year. As noted elsewhere, the Clean and Green Committee became the Sustainability-Oriented and Environmentally Responsible Practices Committee as a result of the recent ACA elections.
01.14.2017 · From TommyNorris
The Winter Conference for ACA is just around the corner and hopefully you will be joining GreenPrisons in San Antonio. Once again GreenPrisons will be at the head of the Green Aisle in booth 611. We encourage you to visit with 20 of the most knowledgeable companies serving corrections’ sustainable needs
01.11.2017 · From TommyNorris
GreenPrisons joins the more than 20 exhibitors of sustainable products, services and technologies on the Green Aisle at the Winter Conference of the American Correctional Association in San Antonio, January 20-25, 2017. Just as in previous conferences the Green Aisle gives participants from around the country the opportunity to meet with company representatives familiar with the correctional environment and ask questions about the cost savings available...
11.22.2016 · From TommyNorris
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Visit Us at Upcoming ACA Conference Jan 20-25, 2017 San Antonio TX
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