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Named for retired Commissioner of Corrections in Kentucky John Rees and retired Secretary of Public Safety and Corrections in Louisiana, Richard Stalder, the award acknowledges the significant contributions of both these correctional leaders in bringing the advantages of sustainability to corrections.  It was through their initiative that the American Correctional Association (ACA) created its standing committee on sustainability, The Clean and Green Committee, and established policy on sustainability in corrections.  They are also responsible for shepherding the current standard on sustainability through the Standards Committee of the Commission on Accreditation on Corrections.  This new Standard is applicable to all editions of the Standards and thus applies to all correctional applications.

The Rees-Stalder fund will allow GreenPrisons to expand its training options and enable us to respond to requests for technical assistance to expand sustainable practices throughout the profession.  It will also provide the opportunity for agencies who would otherwise not be able to be represented at the National Symposium to send key personnel to participate based on their application.

Support for the Rees-Stalder fund will be dependent on the generosity of corporate sponsorship as well as grants and similar efforts.  Click here to learn how you can support this effort or apply for a scholarship.

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