Industry continues to play a growing role in the sustainability movement in corrections.  Senior Advisor Paul Sheldon and GreenPrisons founder and CEO Tommy Norris met with the NCIA Board of Directors to share with them some of the great things we were aware of and to encourage these administrators to become more involved in sustainable product lines. 

Examples like the partnerships in Indiana and Ohio between Solar America Solutions and the correctional industries in both states has led to job training, skill development and, in a couple of cases in Ohio, post release job offers for two offenders.  In addition they have participated in the largest non-power generating solar thermal hot water application in the country.

Companies like CorrectPac have maintained their close ties with industry operations throughout the country and continue to not only provide green chemicals and work opportunities for inmates but training for staff and inmates as well.  Training for the new HazComm standards replacing the MSDS sheets is only a part of the service CorrectPac continues to provide to correctional agencies through correctional industries..

If you or your association would like to learn more about sustainable solutions in your agency GreenPrisons will provide a workshop or executive presentation on request while funding is available at no cost to the associaiton or the agency.  Contact for more information.


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GreenPrisons Founder and CEO joined ACA President Mary Livers in cutting the cake to celebrate the establishment of ACA’s Clean and Green Committee as a permanent, standing committee with a new name. The Committee will now be known as the Sustainability-Oriented and Environmentally Responsible Practices Committee.
02.09.2017 · From TommyNorris
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For the second time in three years GreenPrisons will exhibit and present at the South Carolina Criminal Justice Association’s annual training conference. This year’s training conference in Myrtle Beach runs from November 13-16, 2016. Conference organizers anticipate over 450 attendees and more than 40 exhibitors.
11.10.2016 · From TommyNorris
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