For more than a decade, the Insight Garden Program has helped transform prisoners' lives through connection to nature - so people who leave prison become productive members of society.

Green Prisons recommends the current Insight Garden Program's newsletter - Growing Gardens. Transforming Lives

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In 2015 Insight Garden Program has been planting seeds of change from California to New York! With your support, we can continue our national expansion in 2016! In collaboration with Indiana's Department of Correction, IGP recently visited Indiana State Prison and Logansport Juvenile Facility to begin planning for program implementation there! To learn more about the Insight Garden Program click on article.
12.04.2015 · From TommyNorris
One of GreenPrisons’ most enduring partnerships has been making news lately. Founder, director and class facilitator Beth Waitkus began Insight Garden Program (IGP) in 2002, and has continued to grow and expand her operation....
06.22.2015 · From TommyNorris
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