Kentucky Officials Benchmark NCI Green Initiatives

(Pictured in front of Big Hanna are (front) DWO Tim McConahay, Founder and CEO of Green Tommy Norris, Noble County Solid Waste Authority Director Robert Reiter, DWSS Charlie Adams, Chief of Staff Louisville Metro Solid Waste Dwayne Clark, Assistant Director Louisville Metro Solid Waste Keith Hackett, KYDOC Warden Kathy Litteral, (rear) Recycling Coordinator Monte Barnhart, Health and Safety Coordinator Ken Spencer, NCI Warden Tim Buchanan, BA3 Darrin Clark)

Caldwell, Ohio  - Officials from the Kentucky Department of Correction (KYDOC) and the Louisville Metro Detention Center and the Solid Waste Division of Louisville visited the Noble Correctional Institution (NCI) on 06/02/14. The officials traveled to Caldwell to benchmark green initiatives implemented at NCI. The Kentucky contingent toured the Somat Pulper/Extractor used to reduce the water content of food waste. The tour continued with a view of the Big Hanna In-vessel Composter followed by a look at housing unit recycling efforts. KYDOC Warden Kathy Litteral stated, “the initiatives implemented here are a win, win, win. She went on to say that the method of removing water and processing food waste into a usable product was something her department could get behind.”

In the calendar year 2013-2014 the combination of utilizing the Somat Pulper and the Big Hanna In-vessel Composter has saved NCI $23,000 dollars in refuse bills. Further, 267,200 pounds of food waste has been diverted from landfills and twelve apprenticeship opportunities for offenders to be trained in “green” jobs have been created. NCI BA3 Darrin Clark said, “As NCI realizes the full potential of the composting process these numbers are expected to improve.” 

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It was the winter of 2012 when I visited the Noble Correctional Institution in Ohio to observe their sustainability programs. Tops on my list of things to see was the Big Hanna in-vessel composter. Warden Tim Buchannan was justifiably proud of all his programs at the institution, but the Big Hanna was a different way of doing business.
08.12.2015 · From TommyNorris
GreenPrisons is pleased to welcome the Big Hanna composter as a permanent sponsor for This revolutionary composting unit originally developed in Europe and utilized in correctional facilities across the continent is now available in the US. Click here to learn how this technology is currently being utilized at the Noble Correctional Institution in Ohio.
02.21.2014 · From TommyNorris
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