Demonstrating the continued growth of sustainability in corrections, the American Jail Association (AJA) will set aside a dedicated area of their exhibit hall for sustainable products and technology at its annual conference April 18-21, 2015, in Charlotte, NC.  This will provide a unique opportunity for green exhibitors to share information with correctional professionals representing more than 3,000 jails from around the country.  Many detention facilities are already well on their way to reducing facility operating costs, and preparing inmates for Re-entry through their sustainability efforts.  In the coming months GreenPrisons will feature additional stories about these efforts from across the country.  Plan now to join us on the Eco-Aisle at AJA.  Click here to register.

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Building on the success of their initial effort last year in Charlotte, the American Jail Association (AJA) more than doubled the number of exhibitors on this year’s ECO Aisle in Austin at their annual training conference. Exhibitors of diverse sustainable products, technology and services took advantage of this annual gathering of correctional professionals to demonstrate the advantages of their particular brand to the thousands of participants who walked the spacious exhibit hall
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