GreenPrisons made its second appearance at the South Carolina Criminal Justice Association in three years, November 13-16, 2016, to share the advantages of sustainable products, technologies and services with the more than 400 participants in attendance. GreenPrisons was represented by Tommy Norris, CEO and Founder of GreenPrisons who not only staffed the booth in the exhibit hall; he also presented a 90-minute workshop on the Triple Bottom Line (click here to see PowerPoint from the presentation).  The room was a full house with over 40 participants full of good questions and comments.

Participants got the opportunity to see examples of sustainable products including green chemicals from CorrectPac, compost from the Big Hanna composter, a sample of pervious pavement from KBI Industries and a section of pipe, full of sediment removed from a prison in Indiana as part of a remediation project done by Easywater no salt systems.

During his presentation Tommy used information on utility costs posted on the South Carolina DOC website to demonstrate that the savings of just 30% in utility costs can generate the equivalent of more than 160 entry level correctional officer positions at current salaries.  This kind of applied value of sustainable practices is frequently the motivator to get agencies to examine their energy consumption with an eye on reduction.  This certainly seemed to be the case during this presentation.  Several questions followed about ways to achieve this 30% and how other agencies did it.

GreenPrisons regularly makes presentations around the country at regional and statewide correctional conferences.  If you would like us to present and/or exhibit at your conference, simply send an email to

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