LTC Stephen Troy Newman of the 508th Military Police Detention Battalion, along with Deputy to the Commander Ennice Hobbs shared various sustainability projects currently being implemented within an Army correctional institution housing a variety of military branch offenders.  These  projects emphasized the various benefits achieved through the implementation of sustainable projects, including the indisputable environmental reliefs, enhancement of inmate skill, and additional benefits of surrounding civilian populations in need (i.e. products created through institution sustainability programs at Joint Base Lewis-McChord are donated to civilian  not-for-profit organizations and low income families in need) (Newman & Hobbs, 2016).  The Army is a leader regarding sustainability efforts as it relates to offender training and skills, proactive response and high regard for environmental care, and they are also giving back to those Americans who need help accessing resources to get their basis needs met. The green movement has reached far beyond light saving bulbs and individual high efficiency appliances.  Join the Army and other institutions following the path to a brighter and greener America.  For more details on what steps the Army is taking in regards to correctional sustainability and how they are accomplishing this task, refer to the link below.

Newman, S. T. & Hobbs, E. (2016). Go green corrections.  Northwestern joint regional correctional facility. [PDF].

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