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March 2017 Newsletter
Topics: GreenPrisons expands your opportunities about new sustainable technology, or practices that can be utilized in corrections, Oregon Department of Corrections (DOC) receives Recycler of the Year Award at the Mid-Valley Green Awards, In April NIC and the US Department of Energy (DOE) will bring correctional practitioners together to discuss their current sustainable practices.

February 2017 Newsletter
Topics: GreenPrisons Website Gets New Look. Write your Own GP Blog! GP Intiates Sustainability Listserv. ACA Winter Conference Marks A Milestone in Sustainability for Corrections.

January 2017 Newsletter
Topics: ACA Winter Conference Starts Next Weekend. Clean and Green Committee Gets a New Name and New Status. GreenPrisons Welcomes Integrated Veteran’s Services As Our Newest Sponsor.


December 2016 Newsletter
Topics: Sustainability in Corrections is alive and well! Flexi-Pave expands it's Correctional Initiative. CorrectPAC provides training for the Kentucky Department of Corrections.


February 2015 Newsletter
Topics: Join GreenPrisons at the ACA Winter Conference in Long Beach CA , AJA Conference in April 2015 to have new "Green-Aisle", Alabama Saves Fuel and Improves Efficiency.


September 2014 Newsletter
Topics: The ACA, in association with GreenPrisons, is offering a “Green Street” exclusively for vendors of sustainable products, technology, and services at the 144th Congress of Corrections, NCAI Welcomes sustainable product lines, Alabama DOC Propane Fleet.

April 2014 Newsletter
Topics: The American Correctional Association, in association with GreenPrisons, is offering a “Green Street” exclusively for vendors of sustainable products, technology, and services at the 144th Congress of Corrections.

March 2014 Newsletter
Topics: Memphis Detention Center Visits ODRC, CorrectPac Maintains Their Support for Corrections, Clean and Green Committee Has Another Successful ACA Conference.

January 2014 - Special Edition Newsletter
Topics: Memphis Sustainability Forum.

January 2014 Newsletter
Topics: PortionPac Initiates New Training Program, National Correctional Industries Association, ACA Winter Conference, Solar America Solutions, GreenPrisons Forum.


October 2013 Newsletter

Topics: GREEN CORRECTIONS COMMUNITY NEWS - Collaboration Between Higher Ed and Corrections (Illinois), Ohio Focuses on Offender Education Programs to Help Curb Violence, GreenPrisons at Regional Conferences, GreenPrisons On the Go!

September 2013 Newsletter

Topics: Wallkill Correctional Facility Makes Recycling Pay, A Waste Standard?, Big Brother: What Waste Management Thinks About Recycling, CNBC Features a Series on Garbage, NPR: Turning Trash into Energy.

August 2013 Newsletter

Topics: Make Sure Your Efforts Are Counted, Green Agriculture Training Programs, GreenGov Challenge, LettuceGrow Links Prison Gardening Project to Low Recidivism, Don't Just Save Money on Recycling...Make Money!, What Is A "Green Job"?

June 2013 Newsletter

Topics:Juvenile Justice and Sustainability, Green Opportunities at ACA, Menard Correctional Center in Illinois Goes Beyond Recycling, Oregon Department of Corrections’ Sustainability Plan, Achieving Sustainability within Correctional Industries, Ohio Green Prisons Project.

April 2013 Newsletter

Topics: Moving forward for correctional sustainability, In Memorium, Green Community News


The Connection, Marvin's View
Topics: Recognition from Green Seal

Recycle Report - December 2012
Topics: RecycleIndy Challenge Recap, Indy's Green Economy, Recycling is a Big Economic Engine,Recycle Force in Columbus

Nov 2012 Newsletter
Topics:  Success! Thanks to Everyone Who Joined Us at the 2nd National Symposium on Sustainability in Corrections

Sept 2012 Newsletter
Topics:  Training, Conferences and Networking, Pennslyvania State Powers Facility with Metane

Aug 2012 Newsletter
Topics:  First Winner of Rees-Stalder Sustainability in Corrections Award, Illinois Releases Sustainability Plan

July 2012 Newsletter
Topics:  14 Green Prisons, Interntional Green Prison Design, Correctioinal Center Green Jobs

June 2012 Newsletter
Topics:  Solar Mapping: What's Your Potential, 5 Million Green Jobs, Apprentice Programs Pave Way to Sustainable Careers

May 2012 Newsletter
Topics:  List of Top 50 Green-Powered Organizations, 2012 Greengov Presidential Awards, Trends - Feeding Inmates on the Inside


December 2011 Newsletter
Topics:  Green Entrepreneur Program, Water Savings at California DOC, Upcoming Events, URI GreenSkills

October 2011 Newsletter
Topics:  Re-Entry Webinar Series, Call for Submissions, Resources/Best Practices

September 2011 Newsletter
Topics:  Corrections 101 Webinar, Articles/Trends, GreenPrisons at CMI, The #renewable Daily



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