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Paul Sheldon
<p>As a senior development consultant, Paul Sheldon has provided development assistance to numerous agencies, for-profit, non-profit, public benefit, social change, social justice, and community development organizations. He specializes in green re-entry planning; green jobs development; greening correctional institutions; organization development; neighborhood, organizational, regional, and national sustainability; sustainable agriculture; resource efficiency planning; implementing sustainability; fund raising; board development; and staff training. He consults widely for correctional institutions, businesses, governments, non-profit groups, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists. <br /><br />Paul served as primary author for reports on <em>Economic and Energy Alternatives</em> to proposed coal mining on the Navajo Nation, solar potential on Black Mesa, the <em>REEL in Alaska Roadmap</em> to energy efficiency in the Railbelt Region around Anchorage, and the Fairbanks First Fuel Analysis, documenting opportunities for efficiency improvements in electricity use in Fairbanks, Alaska. He has also authored scholarly articles on the Helix of Sustainable Management and the Integrated Bottom Line. As part of his commitment to greening America’s prisons and jails, Paul served as primary author for the <em>Greening Corrections Technology Guidebook</em> published by the National Institute of Justice National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center of Excellence as well as the American Correctional Association’s Policy and Standard on Environmentally Responsible and Sustainability-Oriented Practices, and publishes a monthly article on greening corrections on the Green Prisons website and on  <a target="_blank" title="Corrections One" href="" rel="nofollow"></a>.</p> <p></p>